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QZB axial flow pump is the new upgrated product of the tradition ones. they are used in applications that require very high flow rates and very low amounts of pressure (head). They are useful as circulating water pumps in power plants. They’re also commonly used in the chemical industry for circulating large amounts of fluids in evaporators. And they are useful in flood dewatering applications where large quantities of water need to be moved a short distance, such as over a levee or dyke. These applications are not nearly as common as applications for radial flow pumps, so there are not nearly as many axial flow pumps as there are radial flow pumps.


Pump diameter: 350-1600mm

Capacity: 500-45000m3/hr

Discharge: 1.5-20m

Power: 22-800KW

Voltage: 380, 6KV, 10KV


QZB axial flow pump are used in flood dewatering application, water supplying and dewatering in urban area, storm-water drainage, agriculture and industry water supplying, water transfering etc.

Operating conditions:

pH value: 4-10

Max water temperature: 50ºC

Medium volume ratio: < 2%

Medium max density of: < 1.2×103kg/m3

Medium: lightly contaminated water


QZB axial flow pump is combined of pump and submersible motor parts. Pump mainly contains sectional bell, impeller, impeller casing, and diffusor. And the submersible motor is the dry closed asynchronous one, which makes sure that the motor can work smoothly in water.

Material options:

Cast iron, stainless steel.


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