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Sleigh Floating Type pump station






(Patent No: 200520025932.8) 



The QZB sleigh floating type axial flow pump ( Patent No.: 200520025932.8) is a unique equipment, with unmatched capabilities and applications. The pump is a complete and integrated operative unit, designed for continuous operation, capable of handling very large flows. It can be installed and placed in operation in a short period of time, without the need to make civil constructions, required for other type of pumps of similar or even inferior flow rates.

The sleigh floating pump is an extraordinary tool for urban or rural installations, or where it is either impossible or too expensive to build classical pump stations, for instance flood control or emergency operations. Its structural design and construction materials are designed for long term, continuous operation.

The sleigh floating solution is applicable to a wide range of high capacity pumps, from axial flow to mixed flow and multi-stage pumps, making it possible to implement the floating solution in alternate applications (consult factory for other applications).

The SLEIGH FLOATING PUMP is built with light weight, high resistance materials, requiring simple and inexpensive maintenance.


Pump diameter: 350mm,550mm,700mm

Capacity: 0.2-2.4m3/sec

Discharge: 3-11m

Power: 22-130KW


a.       Removable small and medium pump station, especially for emergent drainage.

b.       Water lifting from lake, river and other water source.

c.       Used as drainage pump in water consevancys and projects.

Operating conditions:

pH value: 4-10

Max water temperature: 50ºC

Medium volume ratio: < 2%

Medium density: < 1.2×103kg/m3

Medium: lightly contaminated water


QZB axial flow pump is combined of pump and submersible motor parts. Pump mainly contains sectional bell, impeller, impeller casing, and diffusor. And the submersible motor is the dry closed asynchronous one, which makes sure that the motor can work smoothly in water.

Material options:

Cast iron, stainless steel.

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